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Disadvantages Essay methods are time-consuming and difficult to administer. Appraisers often find the essay technique more demanding than methods such as rating scales. The techniques greatest advantage - freedom of expression - is also its greatest handicap. The varying writing skills of appraisers can upset and
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance Appraisal of Employees! Advantages of Performance Appraisal: 1. Performance improvement: Appraisal systems always aim at improving the performance of employees. It helps to analyse and evaluate opportunity factors such as technology and social process.
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The advantages of essay performance appraisals are also its disadvantages in certain regards. An essay performance appraisal provides managers with an opportunity to evaluate their employees without the normal constraints of a highly-structured performance appraisal method. Managers who excel at writing essay
Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance Appraisals — The. an essay appraisal, the source answers a series of questions about the employee's performance in essay form. developing performance appraisal criteria, it is important to remember the criteria should be job specific and industry specific. provide a
Advantages essay appraisal method. Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance Appraisals — The. performance appraisal criteria should be based on the job specifications of each specific job. the challenge with this format is that it doesn't allow more detailed answers and analysis of the performance criteria, unless
Companies and managers use a number of common appraisal methods to assess employee performance. Each technique has pros and cons. To determine which technique works best for your business, you need to understand the purposes of appraising performance. A performance appraisal should motivate an

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